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In England, everything means vagina.

I spent the last week or so watching Community. 2 and a 1/5th seasons and I'm all caught up.

It's really good, even though quality-wise it was much better in the first season as compared to the second and third. Although, I still do like it a lot. It's very meta, and there's a lot of lampshading, homages and parodies. There's enough for me to enjoy.

And then there's this:

Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) ♥_♥

What is it with me and skinny white guys? Also, is it wrong if I ship Jeff/Annie?

Downton Abbey's last episode was so effing cheesy, especially with Matthew's "recovery". Why yes, when you've been paralysed from the waist down and start to feel something "tingling" - (which I took to mean him getting a boner, yes, I am 12) - one day you will just stand up to stop your beloved from stumbling.

-Mary was awesomely cold for the most part :). My favourite part was when she and Edith go to stp Sybil eloping with Branson.
Branson - "You think you can change her mind."
Mary - "Yep"

-Dear Lord Crawley, you are an ass and a tool. No love, Me.

-Thomas' meltdown was rather satisfying.

Strictly Come Dancing has won over X-Factor in the reality tv battle this year. Russel Grant for the win!

(Out of the good dancers I suppose my money would be on Harry Judd or Chelsea WaterlooRoad - she who is dancing with new Pro Pasha (PASHA!). If Jason Donovan does not dance to "Too Many Broken Hearts" at some point, the entire show will have been wasted.)

I now have "Too Many Broken Hearts" stuck in my head.


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