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So, I saw Breaking Dawn: Part 1 yesterday.

It was good comedy value, although boring at times. And oh my god, it would not end.

You know those people who giggle and talk throughout a movie? Don't you just hate them? That was basically me and my friend the whole way through. I have become what I hate. This is what Twilight does to you. There was a guy who had come to see it on his own sat right in front of me and my friend. We annoyed him especially. I am sorry, Guy.

I may have introduced my friend to the concept of Pedobear. Oh well. She had to learn some day.

Best Part: At one point Bella is on the phone to her Dad, pretending to be sick. He says, something like - "I guess it was a little chink in your armour." I, and my friend, heard - "It must have been a kink in your hymen"

You can imagine our reaction.

Can I have a "Team Bella's Dad" button, cos he is like the only character I like in this series. Or a "Team Leah". I do quite like her and am sad nobody else does.

Actually no, I tell a lie - my absolute favourite character of anything ever is Martin Sheen's Head of the Vampire Mafia, character! Sadly he is not in it, but maybe he will be in the next one.

Anyway. If you read my personal journal you might know that I have rediscovered a love of and am in process of kindling a new obsession with Beauty and the Beast. (No, I can't explain it.) I drew this, day before yesterday. It's really bad but you might get a laugh out of it.

You'll get more out of it if you've watched the beginning of the second season of Glee.

If someone who can actually draw, redoes this properly, I will love you until the end of time


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Nov. 22nd, 2011 06:52 am (UTC)
omg CHARLIE my friends and I used to be obsessed with him. we went to the Breaking Dawn book release party and argued with people that Charlie was the hottest in the series, what a fine man! I would be Team Charlie if he weren't Bella's dad haha

and omg that graphic kdslfj
Nov. 22nd, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
CHARLIE! Haha yeah, Charlie's awesome!

we went to the Breaking Dawn book release party and argued with people that Charlie was the hottest in the series
Okay, that? Is awesome! And you were right! XD

I still kinda want a "Team Vampire Mafia Leader Guy! (Arrow?) button.

omg that graphic
Lol, thanks. I wish I could actually draw.
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