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Secret's (Failed) Halloween Blogathon

Happy Halloween!

So I was going to write a bunch of stuff in October and that didn't happen. No big surprises there. And I also wanted to write two 'halloweeny' things... and that also didn't happen.

So, I'm going to try and write them tonight. In real time. In the comments. (Cos we know how well that goes).

If you have nothing better to do why not keep me company? Pop in to say hi, share your favourite creepy stories or write your own spur of the moment halloween fic!

Or you can leave me a prompt and I will try and turn it "mirrorverse" and write you a little comment fic.

I'm not doing 'Nanowrimo' officially this year but I am going to try to attempt to write the most angsty Chulu fic OF ALL TIME. It's something I was suppposed to write ten months ago, so I guess it's about time.

(Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging off.)

Edit: So, this has pretty much failed, cos I just can't get into writing atm. I made a start and will attempt to keep writing this over the next xoupe of days so as to try and ease myself into it but 'ease' being the key work I'm not going to ty to write all night and all day.

To edthehorse and _samalander!

Hope you have awesome fantastic birthdays and get loads of cake an ice-cream.

And that you get awesome presents, one of which is a pony. Or a unicorn.

Pondering Second Person

Second person.

What do you think of it?

Do you like reading it or is it definite "hit the back button"? Have you ever see it done well?

Have you ever written it? How hard was it compared to your usual writing style? Would you do it again?

Personally, I've only ever read second person when the fic in question was recommended. I don't mind it for one-shots but don't like reading longer fics in that style.

Another interesting point is that every second person fic I've read has been in present tense. Have you ever seen one in past tense?


Good morning, good people of LJ. Would you be so good as to help a girl out?

At one point this weekend I watched Labyrinth with some friends. We discovered that among us, those who had watched Labyrinth as a child wished they could get into Jareth's pants (insert joke about how even Jareth has trouble getting into those pants) and those who were watching it for the first time were merely bemused.

Therefore please to be answering my Labyrinth Poll as I am curious:

Poll #1620764 I wish the Goblin King would come and take me away. Right Now!

You first watched Labyrinth as a

Child in the eighties
Child at some other time period
Teenager/Adult for his tightness
Teenager/Adult to see what my friends were babbling about
I have not yet watched Labyrinth

Do you find David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King sexy

Who is this King Jareth of whom you speak?

What do you find sexiest about Jareth

His hair
His glittery eye shadow
How he plays with his (crystal) balls
All the above

Do you wish the Goblin King would come take you away

Yeah, baby! Take me away, Goblin King!
Yes please
Err no, I would rather have Hoggle/Ludo/Sir Didymus/Other (WTF???)
No, but he is welcome to this annoying child/pet/sig. other.
I have no opinion on this other than TICKY BOX!

With regards to the pants and what they hold:

You mean people watch Labyrinth for other reasons?
Pants! Magic Pants!
It's very rude to stare! (Yet I can't look away)
They have no power over me

Feel free to spread this around/link to whoever. It is for important research purposes.

Also if you have any Labyrinth gifs please to be posting them in the comments.
This morning on the walk to the train station, a black cat that was walking along stopped, sat down and stared at me until I was out of its sight.

I thought nothing of it at first. Then another, smaller cat was about to cross my path, it also stopped, sat down and stared at me while it waited for me to pass. This was mostly black but had a few white markings.

Further along, another scruffier black cat was sat in a drive way. It swivelled its head around as I approached and also stared at me until I was gone.


Of course, if I was in a fantasy novel this would be the first sign that I was The Chosen One or something


I has a dreamwidth.

Courtesy of the lovely lydkami. It's pretty empty right now, because I haven't had time to set it up properly, but add if you would like. I'm secret_weapon over there as well.

If you have a DW account or know of any good DW comms to follow, drop me a line!

Spoilery book discussion, anyone?

Has anyone else read Mockingjoy, third and last of The Hunger Games trilogy?

What did you think of it?
I wrote 1000 words of something last night. Compared to the word counts flying round my flist it doesn't sound like much, but for the first time in ages writing was fun again. So progress, I guess. I hope it lasts, but we shall see.

Earlier this week I watched L:Change the WorLd (Not a typo) - the spin off Death Note Live Action movie.

Cut for spoilery musings for both the movies and the seriesCollapse )

Random Post

For some unfathomable reason I randomly have LJ access. Who knows how long it will last though, so I think I should make the most of it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) I have nothing much to say. I have had time to write - I've just been procrastinating and have written a grand total of one sentence - "Their last mission, started off like any other."

Which I will probably change anyway. Bah.

I miss just bumming about on LJ and having random conversations with old(ish) friends and making new ones. As I have a reasonably boring day of updating paperwork how about a Random chatting/Reconnecting/Getting to know each other/Free for all post?

Please no NSFW gifs, but otherwise, let's get random!
It was my birthday yesterday and I am now officially a Christmas cake.


As usual I spent the day wondering where it all went wrong and weeping over my wasted youth but that is no reason for the rest of you to be miserable. I hearby present my big* birthday give-away.

*okay, it isn't that big.

So I'm planning to get the first season boxset of Black Lagoon. However, I already have Volume 1 which consists of the first four episodes. (Turns out that the box set is cheaper than it would be to buy the two individual volumes. Go figure.)

I cannot be arsed to sell it, so I'm giving it away. I will send it to you for free, as long as shipping costs are less than a fiver.

First come, first served. (Fun fact: I misspelled come as 'cum' three times before I managed to get it right. WTF? I don't even spell it 'cum' as even when describing... someone having an orgasm.)

And because I am in a silly mood - if you like I will send you something wacky if you comment with a number that corresponds to a wacky thing. Some of these are limited in number so again first come, first served.

1. A sparkly hat of shame of your very own that you may wear while writing, reading or contemplating fictional characters doing things of a questionable nature. (limited to 2; one gold and one purple) Note: Sparkly hats may get slightly bent in postage.
2. An origami crane.
3. A teeny!Chulu doodle-bookmark based on a quote of your chosing. (2 out of 3 left)
4. A "letter" from Comrade Chekov. (limited to 3)
5. A postcard with one of the following (you don't get to choose. That's part of the wackyness):
a) a limerick or a humourous poem
b) a quote
c) some non-sequiter/fortune-cookie style advice
d) a riddle
e) something else equally random.

Aug. 7th, 2010

I think I slept for about eighteen hours today. :/ I am beginning to worry that this exhaustion thing may be more than just your run-of-the-mill anaemia but we'll give it some time I guess. Either way, I'm getting pretty tired of it; no pun intended.

I just watched How to Train Your Dragon, B'awwwwwwwwww I ♥ Toothless. Disney is usaully better at making me cry, as compared to Dreamworks but this one got it right. ;__;

OKay so the reason I'm making this post is because I have a question: is it possible to split a post up so that your text is in two columns? Like if say, hypothetically one was considering writing a fic with an alternative PoV in each scene, could you format you post so that you could have each PoV side by side?

Aug. 5th, 2010

So I wrote something. Yeah, I know. 'She's stark raving mad!'

But still it's more than I've done in what feels like months... probably because it is months.


Aug. 3rd, 2010

I miss writing.

Songs to base stories onCollapse )

And a million other things I want to start or finish. So many ideas. Not enough time or inclination.

*is emo*

In other news Eclipse is possibly one of the most sinfully boring movies I have ever seen.

Confessions of no consequence

On Monday, I received notification that I had received a virtual LJ gift. It was sent anonymously and came with a message.

Initially I thought, "that's sweet" and thought nothing of it. Then later, I was about to make a post and thought about saying thanks anon when I remembered the last time someone had sent me a message of support it was in response to some going on, so I checked my flist.

Which lead me to an Anon Meme. It was.. interesting.

For certain values of interesting.

My name showed up a few times. Also, I think a certain troll may be implying that they are me... or some people may think that it is me, in any case.

I don't know what's been going on for the most part. I find myself flisting less and less. And yes, I care, of course I care - I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't - I find that... right now, it doesn't really matter.

Anyway. This is my side of the story. A confession of my own actions and motivations, for good or for bad, if you will. It is of course of no consequence because people will believe what they want to believe - and at this moment - I feel so disconnected to everything that that's okay.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. The database is down for a refresh. We appreciate your patience at this time.Collapse )

That's all I have to say.

I will try to reply to any comments as soon as I can. It may take a while though. I don't have internet access at work and I think it has been established that I should think before I type.

Anon commenting is on. IP Logging is turned off. You may use this space to say whatever you feel like. Discuss the wank if you want. Call me a drama queen. Call me a pretentious fuck. Call me a bitch or a whore or accuse me of trolling, wanking, nailing puppies to trees and driving around putting babies on spikes. I only ask that you do not mock my personal issues- I understand that you may believe I am making them up for sympathy or genuinely not give a crap about them, but saying so will hurt, (as much as I profess I should not care, the sad fact is that I do).

Say "Cool story, bro!" or post popcorn gifs.

Or say nothing at all.

But please, please, please let it all end here.
Well... I'm back.

What did I miss?

The powah of JCho compells me...

to briefly step out of hiatus for a bit.

Has anyone here seen West 32nd?

It shouldn't be a surprise that I like this film, it has JCho and gangsters and people get shot in the face chest a lot. I wrote a longer detailed analysis of it but it's stuck on the computer at work so this post is just cos I want to talk about it.

More importantly, does anyone know where I can find stills for this film? Especially ones of the two male leads being all romantic, because my god Jun-Seong Kim is all over John Cho in this one and what the heck, yes I ship it. I have no shame

If you have not seen West 32nd, what is your favourite gangster/mafia film?

My thoughts on Glee: Part 1.

So after some persuation from my sister I've finally sat down to watch Glee while I wait for my Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig DVDs to arrive. Here are things I jotted down while I was watching Episode 1, and some of my later thoughts on it.

Please note that these are my opinions only. If you disagree with them, you may say so politely and we may have a civilised discussion if you so wish. If you want to call me a stupid hor who does not get the awesome of this show, you may do that as well but I will either ignore you or spam you with nonsensical gifs/macros until you STFU and GTFO.

Glee: Episode 1Collapse )

Verdict: It’s a mildly entertaining diversion if nothing else, but I’m only going back to it because of the hype and to see Sue the crazy cheerleading lady.



Until further notice.

For various reasons I am taking a break for a while. If I manage to get some writing done, I may post stuff as I go along, but while comments will be appreciated, I will not be responding to them until after I feel less unstable.

It may be two days, it may be a week, it may be a few months. Who the hell knows.

I shouldn't have to say this, but I will anyway because people are douchbags by default - if wank should start up while I am being quiet, I had nothing to do with it. I am not taking a break because I want to attack people anonymously. I am taking a break because I kind of hate myself and the world right now. If I have something to say I fucking say it under my own name and directly to the person involved, so please: if there is anything you want to say to me, PM me in a civilised manner and we'll discuss it.

Because this post has already crossed the thin line between righteous indignation and wankery have a couple of doodles I did yesterday at work, and let's call it even.

doodle 1

doodle 2

I'll see you around.


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