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Secret's (Failed) Halloween Blogathon

Happy Halloween!

So I was going to write a bunch of stuff in October and that didn't happen. No big surprises there. And I also wanted to write two 'halloweeny' things... and that also didn't happen.

So, I'm going to try and write them tonight. In real time. In the comments. (Cos we know how well that goes).

If you have nothing better to do why not keep me company? Pop in to say hi, share your favourite creepy stories or write your own spur of the moment halloween fic!

Or you can leave me a prompt and I will try and turn it "mirrorverse" and write you a little comment fic.

I'm not doing 'Nanowrimo' officially this year but I am going to try to attempt to write the most angsty Chulu fic OF ALL TIME. It's something I was suppposed to write ten months ago, so I guess it's about time.

(Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging off.)

Edit: So, this has pretty much failed, cos I just can't get into writing atm. I made a start and will attempt to keep writing this over the next xoupe of days so as to try and ease myself into it but 'ease' being the key work I'm not going to ty to write all night and all day.

The Misadventures of The Prime Directive

Long overdue but I have been distracted! Most of you guys may remember this from the to_boldly_rock party. But here it is again all in one piece.

The Cheezburgian Debacle: Part 1 - The Leather Pants

It all started with a pair of leather pantsCollapse )

Chronologically this takes place before 'Captain Pike and the Epic Liner Notes'.

That's all for a few weeks. I off on vacation. I'll probably still be able to check my email but I don't expect to be posting at. I'll miss you guys!

Take care, Keep Boldly Rocking and Stay Dangerous BBs!
Captain Fine and the Epic Liner Notes

Rating:- PG 13
Notes: Big tackle-hugs to roses_of_athena and sector_12 for beta-ing this for me.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not making any money. Just for the Lulz.
Summary: Pike gets sneaky.

Part II: In which there are curious metaphorsCollapse )

This didn't feel as funny as the last one. Oh well, practise makes perfect and all that.
I plan to keep myself away from LJ for a couple of days. This is so I can actually be productive.

I managed to get some 500-1000 words of The Cheezburgian Debacle out last night before I had to go to sleep. While I am pleased with this, I havn't even gotten past Captain Kirk's Leather Pants and 500 words a day is no way to have three WIPS (well, four if you count Captain Pike and the Epic Liner Notes) on the go.

So bbs, you shall not see much of me until Saturday the 18th at 15:00 BST. What's happening then, you ask? Well it's only to_boldly_rock's first ever party!

Make sure you are there! Bring your gifs, popcorn and chilled beverage of your choice! Tell everyone!

We now have 30 members and 33 watchers! Excellent! If you have not as yet joined to_boldly_rock, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


The Ensigns Who Don't Do Anything

One good thing that came out of my horrendous night at the office was this little ditty by roses_of_athena and yours truely. That post is friends-locked but I thought some of you guys might like it so here is :- The Ensigns Who Don't Do Anything.

roses_of_athena, I've tidied this up and moved some things around where I thought they fit better, I hope thats ok ;)

And I've never seen the Enterprise at AllCollapse )


We're open! We're open! WE'RE OPEN!!!

title or description


Thanks to roses_of_athena and edthehorse for agreeing to set up on this mad, mad course with me and for making it happen and to everyone else who helped with everything, especially chrryblssmninja

It's been an EPIC few days but we did it... now what do I do?
The Prime Directive now has 23 members and 26 watchers! Hi guys! HI!

Yesssss come over to the side of Rock! We have Captain Fine in leather pants.

It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining (though it'll probabaly rain later, damn you English weather), the birds are singing and I shall be off shortly to brave the dangerous terrain and trecherous hoards of a place only known as Bluewater.


But today is the day The Prime Directive finally opens for business. There will be a house band warming party so bring your gifs and and vodka! Tell your friends! Tell their friends! Accost random strangers in the street and tell them it will be the single greatest experience of their lives!*

Fellow Mods I'll be around 5 ish (BST) so I'll message you guys and if we're all available for the next couple of hours (at least) we can kick things off!


*Ok maybe not that last one but if you do please video it and post it on youtube because that would be EPIC!

ETA: So looks like ontd_startrek is having their own party so we shall postpone ours. At some point we shall have a planned party post on to_boldly_go.
Wowza! to_boldly_rock now has 18 members and 20 watchers! I'm excited!

Cut for RL blathering.Collapse )

Anyway I'm home alone right now so what better time to dance around naked write some fic.

It will be EPIC fic. I'm going to write more about Captain Pike and the Epic Liner Notes and The Cheezburger Debacle .

Yes I will write two things at the same time and fail I am that EPIC!

How much do you bet the people who offered to beta for me will be sorry before the week is out?

ETA: The term Christmas Cake is something I picked up from anime. Here's what TV Tropes has to say about it: - Christmas Cake
Starting a new thread - the old one was getting a bit cluttered. I shall be along in a couple of hours (22:00-30 British Summer Time) but you guys can go ahead and start without me if you want.

We now have our own Last.fm page courtesy of aquascape. Go and praise here and show her some love!

Before I forget again - chrryblssmninja, would you like to make a post with your lyrics to the comm when it is up and just have me link to that on the masterlist later or do you want me to link to somewhere else so the masterlist has them ready for start up?

Keep boldly rocking Primettes of the Prime Collective! I'll see you in a bit secret_weapon has now entered this LJ post.

ETA: ok, for those keeping score I'm late but here and ready to spend a few hours coding/posting. Give me a shout if you're about.

We now have a profile, rules and edthehorse is working on layouts.

We also have 15 members and 16 watchers all courtesy of chrryblssmninja's celebratory post at ontd_startrek here- so thanks, bb!

So now here is my list of Things to Do:
1. Epic Album Cover's Masterlist
2. Epic Lyrics Master MasterList
3. Epic Liner Notes Masterlist
4. Epic Misadventures Masterlist (which is just Captain Pike and the Epic Liner Notes but whatev)
5. Post and Link all this stuff as well as roses_of_athena's EPIC History.
6. Put up Introductory and Friending Posts (and Link the Friending post to the rules)
7. Find a good image to OPen for Business...
9. Comment in the ontd_startrek affiliates post.
10. Profit?

That's more than I thought.

I was thinking to aim for an opening Sunday Evening (British Summer Time - so Sunday afternoon for those of you on the other side of he pond). Is this too Ambitious? I can't do Saturday because I have committments and would like to be there for the opening (even if this is a little selfish).

Also I have realised that I am working the graveyard shift Monday night. Meaning I'm at home most of Monday, in the office 7pm to 7 am the following morning and then home again all Tuesday. This means I will have a lot of time to kill so maybe I will write some EPIC fic.

Here is my list of Things to Write (Involves things other than The Prime Directive)
1. Epic Misadventures - More on Captain Pike and the Epic Liner Notes
2. Epic Misadventures - The Cheezburger Debacle
3. Epic Misadventures - The Tale of baby!Scotty and the Pussywagon
4. Epic Misadventures - The Story of how Captain Kirk Formed a Rock Band, went Boldly Rocking and even got the Federation to pay for Start Up Costs. [Long]

[Other stuff - Primettes, Look away now!]
5. Death Note - Glitter. Alternative parallel universe. Misa goes back in time to change things and gets to Light before he picks up the Death Note.
6. Death Note/Good Omens XOver - Currently untitled.

What should I write first?
Mainly for the Mods but anyone who is about can jump in!

Um looks like we're stepping on each others toes bbs. I was trying to upload user pics but one of you had got there AT THE SAME TIME. Was very confusing for a second so can we say what we're doing here and then do it?

DISCUSS - well, anything really
I've just got home and I need to eat, take the rubbish out and do some other trivial things but I will be back at around 22:00 BST (British Summer Time).

At that point I will reply to comments, set up comm emails, give the other mods mod-status and we can get started if people are around.

Keep Rocking!

PS: We need user pics for the comm if anyone wants to make some while you wait ;D.
I am usually pretty cynical but for the past month or so the universe has been conspiring to show me that it is full of awesome people.

Proof of this is the EPIC Party Post on ontd_startrek. It lasted FIVE days, spanned 10000 comments and spawned an idea that will go down in history - THE PRIME DIRECTIVE!

The Prime Directive is an EPIC Rock Band that was the brain-child of Captain Fine. (well, me and many other fantastic GQMFs). They boldly go where no individual has gone before - with the power of rock!

We came up with album covers - their first Album is called FIRST CONTACT, track lists, song lyrics, epic liner notes and many more wonderful stuff that I am no doubt forgetting. I know I was only there for two days but it was a exhausting if exciting two days!

I am stoked to have had a part in the formation of such Epicness! I wrote the Liner Notes and a little something extra.


I could have lived my entire life happily never having to deal with tribblesCollapse )

Captain, please do not wipe your nose on my shirt - you are not emotionally compromisedCollapse )

We go together like manamanamana padibada dingy bum.Collapse )

I hev newer herd of zis AwesomesauceCollapse )

Don’t you have to go have kinky mind-meld sex with your Vulcan?Collapse )

Whatever boy, talk to the hand because the face isn’t interested.Collapse )

Something Extra
As we speak 40 billion of these are being distributed accross Federation Occupied Space. There can be no recall!Collapse )

OK bbs now the moment you have all been waiting for, The Prime Directive comm - to_boldly_rock

(primedirective, prime_directive, first_contact and firstcontact were all taken but I think this might work)

As you can see it's pretty bare right now so please don't post anything there until there is an official declaration (oooh all important like) that we are open for business. Just wanted to give you a heads up that this was actually happening and I was not talking out of my arse last night.

If you'd like to help here's what you can do.
1. Icons, Banners, Promotional materials, Song Lyrics, Suggestions, Macros, Motivationals, Cover Art - link them here!
2. Volunteer to be a co-mod.
3. I think I friended everyone last night but I was pretty zoinked out so if anyone has been missed and you think this would be relevant to their interests send them my way! Or anyone whose interests this would be relevant to, really.
4. ...
5. Profit???

Questions not directly related to comm
1. Does anyone want to beta for me? You can see what my writing is like and I am particularly typo prone and have ongoing battles with commas.
2. Ok there's Bandom and there's Fandom. If we are a fandom for a fandom band wtf does that make us?
3. We need a good groupie name! Primers? Primettes? Directors? Directives?

OK I am actually going to do some work at Work today, so no more 'til tonight; but before I go bbs you must ask yourselves - ARE YOU READY FOR FIRST CONTACT!?!

ETA:- roses_of_athena and edthehorse have volunteered to be co-mods so I think that three is enough for now. If this comm becomes as EPIC as THE PRIME DIRECTIVE then we might need more but right now it's all good!


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